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RIFLE AND PISTOL ASSOCIATION. Sponsored by the Dubuque Recreation Department in 1937, the organization was open to anyone interested in rifle and pistol shooting. Eight organized clubs had joined by May, 1937 and several more were considered likely members. Individuals did not need to be members of an organized rifle team to become a member. While several Iowa cities had shooting clubs, Dubuque and Council Bluffs were the only two with leagues.

During the winter of 1936-1937 six rifle teams were organized and participated in matches on local indoor ranges. At the end of the season, the Recreation Department held a city meet on the COLUMBIA ACADEMY range. The teams competed for a marksman's trophy donated by the sponsors which would be held by the winners until the next competition. The first organization to win the city meet three ties also won the permanent possession of the trophy.

The first winner of the trophy were the Columbia Academy Cadets. Individual medals were awarded to the members of the winning team. Individual medals for the high scorers of each of the five teams were also awarded. The teams were the DUBUQUE RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB, Montgomery Ward, National Guard, American Legion, and the post office.

It was announced that the association would sponsor another indoor rifle league during the winter of 1937-1938. It was hoped that enough individuals would join to form a league of beginners. Several organizations offered to provide volunteer instructors.



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