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REULAND, Robert Charles

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REULAND, Robert Charles. (Dallas, Texas, Nov. 1, 1963-- ). Reuland, born in Texas, grew up in Dubuque. He began his legal career in 1990 in the litigation department of the Wall Street law firm of Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts. In 1996 he joined the Office of the District Attorney for King's County, Brooklyn, New York, where he served as Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Homicide Bureau. (1)

In 2001 Reuland gained national attention when fired from his position in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office shortly after the publication of his first book. In an interview with New York Magazine, Reuland observed that Brooklyn had “more bodies per square inch than anyplace else.” This angered Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles J. Hynes who demoted and then fired Reuland. Reuland brought a federal lawsuit claiming infringement of his First Amendment rights and prevailed after trial in 2004 receiving $30,000. (2)

He established himself in private practice specializing in state and federal criminal defense. (3) As a member of the Homicide Panel of the Mayor's Assigned Counsel Program, he represented indigent or poor persons accused of homicide or other serious felonies. Reuland was the first criminal defense attorney ever to successfully assert alibi defense to a felony charge based upon his client's use of Facebook at the time of the crime.

Since 2000 Reuland was a novelist. He wrote two novels: Hollowpoint (Random House 2001), which was nominated for a Dashiell Hammett Award in 2002, and Semiautomatic (Random House 2004). Both books were set in the Brooklyn D.A.’s Office. A reviewer for the Washington Post referred to Semiautomatic as “the best-written legal thriller I’ve ever read, hands down.”



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