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RESTORATION TRUST. A non-profit corporation in the landfill diversion business in association with Sustainable Neighborhood Builders, Restoration Trust took over the former site of the NOVELTY IRON WORKS in January, 2009.

With the idea of "live, work, and play," the Trust intended to convert the building with condos, lofts, and apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms on the third, fourth and fifth floors. Beginning only with build-to-suit, the Trust intended for three units to be ready by November, 2010. There would eventually be sixty units in each of three phases covering a ten year project.

In 2010 the Restoration Warehouse sign still advertised its location on the first and second floors of the former Novelty Iron Works building.
Renovation of the Novelty Iron Works building is shown with the windows in 2010.
In August, 2010 work was just beginning on units which were eventually planned to include apartments, condos, and lofts built around a central courtyard.