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PG-14. In 1993 PG-14, a monthly newsletter edited by Matt Zanger, began publication in Kensington, Maryland. The newsletter was produced to inform parents about the contents of MOTION PICTURES rated PG or PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. Labeled "parental guidance for teens, pre-teens, and children," the newsletter focused on providing information about violence, nudity and language in feature films.

Zanger and his staff printed between eight and twelve reports on different films in each issue. Each film was reviewed by two people, parents or elementary school teachers, who submitted their reports to the newsletter. Together with a summary, each review contained a list of issues the film presented, a pro-and-con viewpoint from the editors, and a series of discussion questions.

In 1996 Zanger and his family moved to Dubuque where his wife was the Dean of Student Life at CLARKE COLLEGE. Zanger continued his role as newsletter editor. Circulation of the newsletter by 1997 had reached 500.

On March 15, 1997 the second annual Family Film Awards, sponsored by PG-14 to honor feature films suitable for the entire family, was held in Delaware, Ohio.



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