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PEOPLES NATURAL GAS. The Federal Power Commission voted in favor of furnishing natural gas to Dubuque and neighboring areas in March, 1954. In representing Dubuque before the Commission, Rep. Henry O. Talle stated that Dubuque had the largest concentration of people, with the exception of Duluth, Minnesota, in this area without the economic advantages of natural gas. (1)

Peoples Natural Gas began serving Iowa in 1930 and came to Dubuque in 1957. It was acquired in 1985 by UtiliCorp United and became Aquila as part of a company-wide name change in 2002. In 2007 struggling Aquila Natural Gas sold its 149,000-customer Iowa natural gas utility to Black Hills Corp.

Black Hills Corp., based in Rapid City, S.D., replaced Aquila as the natural gas supplier for dozens of Iowa communities, including Anamosa, Manchester, Decorah, Dubuque, Dyersville, Cresco and Calmar in Eastern Iowa. (2)

In 1964 and 1967 its office was located at 356 Main Street.

The 1983 through 1989 Dubuque City Directory listed 880 Locust.

The 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 701 Locust.



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Directory of Dubuque Industries. Prepared by the Dubuque Industrial Bureau, 1967