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OTT, Joseph John

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OTT, Joseph John. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 30, 1866--Dubuque, IA, Jan. 11, 1939). Ott began his business career as a messenger for SECOND NATIONAL BANK. He had become a teller when he entered the lumber business as an owner of the SVENDON-OTT LUMBER COMPANY. This firm later became OTT-MEUSER LUMBER COMPANY.

When logging operations were not longer profitable, Ott moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin and became vice-president and general manager of the John H. Kaiser Lumber Company. He left this company to serve as vice-president of the Stinson Tractor Company and also an organizer of the Gillette Rubber Company. This company was later sold to the United States Rubber Company.

Ott returned to Dubuque and organized the OTT RUBBER COMPANY from which he retired. He was also president of the DUBUQUE ALTAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY, president of several out-of-state lumber companies, and vice-president of the DUBUQUE STAR BREWING COMPANY.

Locally, Ott served as chairman of the Dubuque County Democratic Central Committee. He was also a candidate for MAYOR of Dubuque as a member of the Citizen's Party but lost this election to Henry A. SCHUNK.

Ott was a charter member of Marquette Court, Catholic Order of Foresters, and served as the court's first chief ranger.



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