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OPENING DOORS. In 2016 Opening Doors was a community service organization initiated by six Catholic women's religious congregations in the Dubuque area. It was founded to assist women needing emergency/transitional housing for reasons other than domestic violence.

Opening Doors offered short-term emergency shelter services and an extended-stay program through TERESA SHELTER and transitional housing MARIA HOUSE. (1) Opening Doors valued the dignity of women and supported them in claiming their own power and in making the choices appropriate for developing personal responsibility to live independently in permanent housing. Opening Doors achieved its mission by working collaboratively with other community resources.

Determining the number of homeless living outside as well as those living in shelters in the city was done by a semi-annual "point-in-time" count. Volunteers explored areas in which homeless had been found in the past. They offered blankets, hats and anything useful for the winter months to anyone they found as well as discussing why they were living this way and their interest in finding shelter. (2)

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