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NORTHERN BREWING COMPANY. The Northern Brewing Company was a local company established in 1865 by Adam GLAB and Jacob Suess at the terminus of the Couler Avenue Railway at 25th Street and Couler Avenue. (1)

Storage cave behind the Central Avenue Bus Barn c.1985. Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/You-know-you-grew-up-in-Dubuque-Iowa-if-you-remember/130170407077838
Glab, whose mansion could still be seen in 2010 just south of West 32nd along the west side of Central Avenue, constructed the brewery and malt-house at a cost of $25,000 and later added an ice house overlooking the avenue. He also designed the grounds with summer houses, tenpin alleys, and lush BEER GARDENS; which provided Glab with another source of income as visitors came to simply enjoy the surroundings.

Ten men were employed by the brewery at a cost of nine hundred dollars per week. The annual production in 1880 of five thousand barrels of beer was primarily sold in the country around Dubuque and points further west. The company's annual income was $40,000.

In 1869 Glab bought out his partner and in 1874 took in his brother, Nicholas GLAB, as a partner. Adam died in 1881, and Nicholas took over the business. In 1885 the renamed GLAB BREWERY was owned by brothers, Nicholas, Alois, and Frank. (2)

Housewives in the area frequently came to the brewery on Saturday morning to get beer yeast for their Sunday morning baking. (3)

In 1892 the company was merged with three other local BREWERIES to form the DUBUQUE BREWING AND MALTING COMPANY.



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