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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald and Diane Harris
NATHANIEL GREEN CADETS. Formed in 1910 under the sponsorship of the DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, the Cadets was a military company of forty boys ranging in age from ten to fourteen and over. (1) They were also part of the National Society of the Children of the Republic. (2)

The aim of the D.A.R was to give the boys military training believing that discipline and physical training would be ideal. The group would be available for patriotic days including Flag Day. Training was supplied of Captain Higbee and Lieutenant Ellsworth of the GOVERNOR'S GREYS who served without payment. (3) Each cadet was required to purchase a .22 caliber rifle which had to be plugged due to the age of the boys. The rifle was only used for drill practice and was never fired. The cadets met once a week at the ARMORY located then at the Ninth Street Engine House. (4)



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