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MYSTIQUE COMMUNITY ICE CENTER. In October, 2009 officials of the Dubuque Community Ice and Recreation Center Inc. (DICE) announced the awarding of a $675,000 community attraction and tourism grant from the Vision Iowa Board that opened the way for the construction of a 66,000-square foot, 3,200-seat ice center on CHAPLAIN SCHMITT ISLAND. The center would be the home of the DUBUQUE FIGHTING SAINTS. The naming of the arena honored MYSTIQUE CASINO which donated $1 million to the fund drive. (1)

A combination of public and private resources completed the $7.1 million city-owned facility. Volunteers raised all the money for the project. Private contributions eventually totaled all but $200,000 which came from the City. The project was headed by Brian Southwood, the assistant general manager of facilities at Mystique Casino, and Bob WOODWARD. In the final six weeks, volunteers also contributed hundreds of hours of physical labor to cut an estimated $100,000 from the total cost.

On September 18, 2010 the completed center, managed by DICE, was opened for public inspection. The Center included two community rooms that could be rented for private events. The first floor room included a projector for presentations. From the second floor community room, spectators could watch practices or games. There are also private suite viewing areas. The building had 3,000 seats, eleven rows deep, with a ticketed capacity of 3,200.

Resources for skaters include eight dressing rooms. One was for the Fighting Saints. There was another room for a high school team, five for youth teams, and one for a visiting team. The center had a standard NHL-sized surface. The rink also featured seamless glass dashboards.

In the first announcements about the center, officials stated that the site would be accessible to the public about 91% of the time.



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