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MURPHY, Larry. (Dubuque, IA, Nov. 17, 1952- ). A graduate of WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL and Drake University, Murphy was a free lance writer and printing sales and communication package distributor. He was a former Fayette County Supervisor, chairman of the First Judicial Department of Correctional Services board, board member of the Northeast Iowa Mental Health Center, and served as a member of the Oelwein Chamber of Commerce board of directors. In 1987 he was elected to represent the 14th Senatorial District. (1)

Murphy went on to become a lobbyist in Des Moines for: (2)

California Renewable Energies, LLC

Cedar Rapids Aiport

City of Cedar Rapids

City of Vinton

Heartland Security & Technical Solutions, Inc.

Heartland Strategies, LLC

Integrated Telehealth Partners *** Client added on 01/14/2019 ***

Iowa Alliance for the Arts

Iowa Catholic Conference

Iowa Chapter of American Society of Home Inspectors

Iowa Chronic Care Consortium

Iowa Hemp Association

Iowa Police Chief Association (FKA Iowa Police Executive Forum)

Lake Delhi Combined Water Quality & Recreational Facility District

Linn County Board of Supervisors

MH/DS of East Central Region

Midwestern Trading, Inc.

National Career Assessment Services

NUHemp Group *** Client added on 01/15/2019 ***

Quality Plus Manufacturing

Resources for Human Development

Urban County Coalition

Vote Hemp



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