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MUELLER, Douglas

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MUELLER, Douglas. (Dubuque, IA-- ). In 2013 Mueller returned to his hometown to direct an independent movie called "Repatriation," that was to be shot in and around Dubuque. Mueller wrote the story upon which the picture is based. (1)

Studying for his BA in film at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), Mueller developed a documentary "The BBC;" 2002, which won the Edgar Kennedy Award for Arts, Culture, Humanities, Performance Event under the Volunteer/Student Category' as well as Monterey's Best Freedom of Expression under the Volunteer/Student Category. (2) After graduating in 2003, he remained in the area living in Carmel Valley and worked as the production manager for the Carmel Bach Festival since 2004. (3)

Mueller won second place at the 2008 Science Fiction Short Film Festival for his short film "Four Corners." "Prairie Love," based in Minot, North Dakota where he attended high school was chosen for screening at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. It was his first length feature film and was one of 200 films selected from 10,000 submitted for viewing. The film was featured in the NEXT category which highlighted innovative work in low-budget film-making. (4)

Mueller produces commercial works and internet films. He and his wife won $1,000 in the Trend Micro video contest. Mueller was Production Designer for the 2010 thriller "The Truth," distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group. (5)

In 2011 his short 16mm experimental documentary about a baroque keyboard tuner, Carey Beebe, "Intermezzo 1" premiered at the Academy Accredited, Nashville Film Festival. His short documentary "Dan, Tom and Ray, a silent film about a family excavation project, screened at a number film festivals for children in California and the mid-west. (6)

In November 2017, Mueller was ready for the hometown premier of his first feature film, "Repatriation. His first feature documentary was a part of the Fiscal Sponsorship at the San Francisco Film Society, documenting the historic Carmel Mission Basilica restoration. (7)



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