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MATTHEWS, Robert. (Dubuque, IA- ). Between 1933 and 1937 Matthews played in sixty-two basketball games for COLUMBIA ACADEMY and scored 656 points. In 1937 he was honored by the Iowa public school system by being placed, by a unanimous vote, on its IDPA (Iowa Daily Press Association) Iowa All-State Basketball Honor Roll. He was the first athlete from a Catholic school so honored.

Matthews enrolled at the University of Southern California where he received an athletic scholarship linked to his willingness to be an "extra" in such motion pictures as Wells Fargo, The Maltese Falcon, and Knute Rockne--All American. Back in Dubuque, still photos of Matthews in his small roles were displayed proudly in the front window of downtown stores. Completing his education, Matthews followed the path of his uncle, Blayney F. MATTHEWS, an executive with Warner Brothers Motion Pictures, into administration in the film industry.