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MASON, Timothy

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MASON, Timothy. (New York, 1797--Dubuque, IA, January 1875). Dr. Mason settled in Dubuque in 1836 and established the first drugstore in the State of Iowa. (1) The "Good Samaritan Drug Store" supplied the demand for medicines and other goods from residents of Dubuque and the surrounding area. Advertisements from the Iowa News showed the customers could find "drugs and medicines--paints--oils--glass at reduced prices by T. Mason."

Mason was an early member of the territorial legislature. (2) He was for many years also connected with school government in Dubuque beginning with his service as treasurer when Dubuque was made a school district in 1844. (3) Mason was one of the founders of the Universalist Society; DUBUQUE EARLY SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION, of which he served as the first president; and the Masonic lodge in Dubuque. (4)

TORBERT DRUG COMPANY succeeded the "Good Samitarian."(5)

Medicines carried by early druggists in saddle bags. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding and Ruegnitz Drug Store



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