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MARBLES CHAMPIONSHIP. In April 1923 the Junior Chamber of Commerce formed marble shooting clubs at the various schools in Dubuque in preparation for the championship match planned by the TELEGRAPH HERALD for boys and girls under the age of fifteen. (1) The prize was a gold medal supplied by the newspaper.

Fern Coates, twelve years old, was one of approximately fifty girls to compete and the last of the girls to be eliminated in the semi-finals. The contestants who entered the finals were:

Sidney Oller--Prescott School

Joseph Welch--Holy Ghost

Albert Kohle--Fulton School

George Arthafer--Holy Trinity

Clarence Le Grand--St. Anthony's

John Baumgartner--St. Mary's

John Connolly--Irving

George Masters--Lincoln

Marshall--LeRoy Gau

Jack Donahue--St. Patrick's

Daniel Gartner--St. Raphael's

Lawrence Houselog--St. Columbkille's

Earl Mardanass--Bryant

Fred Houseman--Jackson

Harry Crofoot--Audubon

Albert Coyle--Franklin

The finals were held on May 4, 1923. The winner was Albert Coyle. Second place went to Clarence Le Grand. Third place was won by Daniel Gartner.

The next marbles championship was not held until March 18-19, 1938. (2)



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