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MAQUOKETA, HURSTVILLE AND DUBUQUE RAILROAD. In early April 1880, George Benjamin BURCH and David S. WILSON met in Chicago, Illinois with S. S. Merrill of the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. They were concerned with the reason there had been no further communication from Merrill after proposing to construct a rail line between Maquoketa and Dubuque at $4,000 per mile. (1)

Merrill insisted it was his fault since he had been involved in purchasing other railroads in the Dakotas. He stated that he had no doubt if the Milwaukee and St. Paul built into Dubuque that it would need to bring the DUBUQUE SOUTH WESTERN RAILROAD COMPANY to a point at or near Garryowen south of Dubuque. He believed the construction could be accomplished in a year. He promised a meeting soon in Dubuque to meet with business people. (2)

This predecessor of the Milwaukee Railroad was incorporated in 1888. (3) It only operated in one state and stopped service in 1903 for a total period of operations of 15 years. (4)



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