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MANSON, John William

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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
MANSON, John William. (ROCKDALE, IA, May, 15, 1862--Dubuque, IA). As a young man, Manson served as a deputy in the county assessor's office.

After taking a course from BAYLESS BUSINESS COLLEGE, Manson worked for Keas and Sullivan, a dry goods store. Upon the death of Keas, Sullivan formed a partnership that opened SULLIVAN AND STAMPFER. Manson worked with this company for thirty years.

In 1897 he formed a partnership with Ernest Seitz in a dry goods store located at the corner of 8th and Main. In 1903 he became manager of the Home Milling Company at Rockdale and two years later resigned to become a partner in the IOWA HOUSE FURNISHING COMPANY. He served as president of the company after its incorporation.



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