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Photo courtesy: John "Bud" Eisnegger
MAINLINER DRIVE-IN (THE). John "Bud" Eisenegger opened the restaurant in the late 1940s. Some visitors confused it for an A & W root beer outlet because of its orange and black color scheme. There was no inside seating, but the drive-in offered large elms to shelter people using the four or five picnic tables. An outdoor speaker system played popular music. A particular busy time was on Friday and Saturday night when the drive-in stayed open for the crowds driving home from a dance at MELODY MILL.

The 1955 Dubuque City Directory listed 3500 Central.

The 1959 Dubuque City Directory listed Central at the southeast corner of Ruby.

The 1962 through 1966 Dubuque City Directory listed 3500 Central.



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