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115 W. 11th. Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/ykyguidiiyr/
1938 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
1951 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
MAID-RITE. In 1926 Fred Angell started the concept in Muscatine, Iowa. Fred began to franchise his idea, selling the rights to Newton, Iowa in 1927 and Marshalltown, Iowa in 1928.

Cliff Taylor purchased the 1928 franchise for the sum of $300. Cliff and his family operated Taylor's Maid-Rite Hamburger Shop; baking pies at home, slicing whole pickles from Marshall Vinegar Works and buns from Strand's Bakery.

After Cliff's death in 1944, his son Don Taylor and wife Polly took over operations at Taylor's Maid-Rite. Don continued to run the Maid-Rite in the same fashion, even building a cooler in the basement of his home to store the hamburger that was ground daily!

In 1958, Don Taylor built a “state of the art” building across the street from the original location. The new Maid-Rite was high tech for the time; all equipment was stainless steel, the counters were up on legs for better cleaning, and they even had TWO cash registers!

Don Taylor continued to operate a successful, popular, and efficient business until his death in 1973. Polly with the assistance of many long time employees continued with the day-to-day operations until 1985 when her grandson Don Short took over.

The corporate headquarters are located in Des Moines, Iowa. As of April 2006, Maid-Rite had over 70 locations, located in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio. The Quincy, Illinois, location was featured in the Food Network show Feasting on Asphalt.




Taylor's Maid-Rite History--https://www.maidrite.com/maid-rite_history.html

The 1937 Dubuque Consurvey Directory through 1941 Dubuque City Directory listed 155 W. 11th.

The 1942 Dubuque Classified Business Directory listed 215 W. 8th.

The 1945 Dubuque City Directory listed 132 W. 8th and 155 W. 11th.

The 1948 Dubuque Classified Business Directory through 1951 Dubuque City Directory listed addresses at 155 W. 11th and 1500 Central.

The 1955 through 1977 Dubuque City Directory listed 155 W. 11th. In 1993 the directory also listed the Maid Rite Restaurant at 1675 John F. Kennedy.

The 1980 through 2013 Dubuque City Directory listed 113 W. 11th.