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MAHMOUD, Parvis. (Tehran, Iran- ). Conductor, DUBUQUE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. In 1959 Dr. Mahmoud re-established the symphony founded by Edward J. SCHROEDER. Mahmoud served as its only conductor and music director until the selection of Nicholas PALMER.

Mahmoud came to the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE in 1957 as a professor of music. The university orchestra, featuring student musicians and many guest performers, was expanded into a community-based orchestra beginning with its first concert in February 1960, at the DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL auditorium. The symphony, under Mahmoud's direction, performed at CLARKE COLLEGE in Terence Donoghoe Hall, STEPHEN HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL, and in the gymnasium at the University of Dubuque. The first performance of the symphony at FIVE FLAGS THEATER was in February 1976.

Born in Iran, Mahmoud was Director of the National Administration of Music and founded the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. He received his education as a conductor in Brussels, Belgium, at the Royal Conservatory of Music.