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LUNDH, Alvin Emil

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LUNDH, Alvin Emil. (Rockford, IL, Aug. 20, 1932-Dubuque, IA, Feb. 26, 2012). MAYOR. Lundh served as the mayor of Dubuque in 1976, the festive bicentennial year. During his term of office, the Planning and Zoning Commission completed a comprehensive land use and land planning study. The report resulted in the annexation of 6.1 square miles of land in Peru, Dubuque, Table Mound, and Mosalem townships. Comprehensive rezoning plans led to the passage of the first major zoning law that rezoned the entire city. The City Council hired consultants to begin the corridor study for the downtown freeway. Public pressure forced the elimination of the Couler Valley Study. Land planning included the NORTHWEST ARTERIAL and INDUSTRIAL PARKS preliminary concepts. Improvements to the Fourth Street peninsula were studied.

Other community improvements included the establishment of the city/county solid waste agency. Land was purchased, and $1.7 million in bonds were sold to finance a new landfill. Bonds in the amount of $5.7 million were sold to modernize and expand the city water system. Improvements were intended to assure quality water for at least another twenty years. The water distribution system was extended to the corporate limits to encourage growth, and Phase II of the waste treatment plant was completed.

Lundh's term was a time of building. The $3.7 million Five Flags referendum was passed, architects were hired, and construction begun. The Jaycees constructed the WASHINGTON PARK improvements. Cathedral Square was built and dedicated. An architect and engineer, Lundh contributed architectural designs for buildings at the DUBUQUE ARBORETUM AND BOTANICAL GARDENS and Albrecht Acres near Sherrill, Iowa. He also designed two office buildings and three hangars at the AIRPORT. He worked with Monsignor Sigwarth and others to establish the Washington Street Tool Library.

Elected to the Dubuque City Council in 1973, Lundh resigned after serving three years of his four-year council term to devote more time to his business, Clevenger and Lundh Architects and Engineers. In leaving office, Lundh expressed his belief that the mayor should be elected every two years by the citizens, possibly from among city council members elected the previous year. Other priorities included the development of a new industrial park, construction of more downtown parking facilities, the sale of remaining urban renewal land in the downtown area, and the development of a waste recycling plant.

After leaving office his architectural work included the construction of three hangars and two office buildings at the Dubuque Municipal Airport and the donation of architectural designs for Albrecht Acres and the DUBUQUE ARBORETUM AND BOTANICAL GARDENS. (2)



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