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LOGSDON. Historic towboat exhibited by the NATIONAL RIVERS HALL OF FAME. Acquired by donation in November 1989, the Logsdon spent most of its existence in service on the Illinois River where it pushed pile-driving equipment. Constructed in 1941 by Curt Logsdon of Beardstown, Illinois, the Logsdon featured a hull made of Washington state red fir that was used to combat the effects of water pollution. All parts for the boat came from the Beardstown area except for a hub for the paddlewheel, a Superior diesel direct-reversing engine, and drive train which were purchased on the East Coast.

The wooden hulled stern-wheeler, obtained through the efforts of William Bowell, Sr., a founder of the Hall of Fame, was owned by Ray Logsdon of the Logsdon River Construction Company. During the summer of 1990, the towboat was taken out of the water in the ICE HARBOR and positioned near the entrance to the FRED W. WOODWARD RIVERBOAT MUSEUM in anticipation of restorative work on the boat's exterior and interior.