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LIVEstock '97

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LIVEstock '97. Organized by Carrie Zaber, LIVEstock '97 was held at the Hawthorne Street Peninsula from June 19th through 22nd. The musical variety event included reggae, blues and classical rock. In addition to the thousands in attendance each day, the biggest beneficiary of the program was the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety of the Peosta Campus of Northeast Iowa Community College. The school received $1.00 on each ticket sold. (1)

The first night of the show, the audience was entertained by the Blues Band, No Mercy Blues Band, and Buddy Guy. As reported by the Telegraph Herald, it was a night of classic blues. The Blues Band from Cedar Falls, Iowa began the evening with an hour long performance featuring songs from their new album, "Who Are These Guys?" The band had established a strong following throughout the Midwest over fifteen years of performing. The No Mercy Blues Band from Chicago performed forty-five minutes of their well-known high energy music. Multiple Grammy winning Buddy Guy began his show at 9:15 p.m. promising music "so funky you can smell it." (2)

Face-painting occurred Friday afternoon as the Wailers rehearsed for their evening performance. Boats began arriving late in the afternoon to anchor in anticipation of the evening's show. (3) Saturday evening provided over one thousand listeners the opportunity to hear Soul Asylum from Minneapolis-St. Paul. (4) Sunday evening's performance came from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band which had been touring for thirty-one years. (5)



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