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LANGWORTHY NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION. Founded in 2002, the Association boundaries were Alpine from West 5th to Solon, Langworthy from Hill to Alpine, West 3rd from Hill to Alpine, Melrose Terrace and Hill Street from West 3rd to Langworthy. The boundaries are exactly the same as the Langworthy Historic District, a nationally recognized historic district. (1) The group was formed to address the issues of benefits of living in a historic district.

Among the eighty dwellings with the Association boundaries are examples of architecture popular in the late 1800s and early 20th century. Among the various styles found are QUEEN ANNE ARCHITECTURE, MISSION ARCHITECTURE, PRAIRIE ARCHITECTURE, ITALIANATE ARCHITECTURE, DUTCH COLONIAL REVIVAL, CLASSICAL REVIVAL ARCHITECTURE and AMERICAN FOUR SQUARE. There are even examples of VOELKER STONE. (2) In 2010 one of the greatest accomplishments of the Association was changing all the zoning in the area to R1 since the majority of the properties had originally been built for single family homes.

Meeting held several times annually include the "Wine Before Nine" parties for adults where the host opens their house to neighbors who bring a dish to pass and their beverage of choice. When the clock reaches 9:00 p.m. the party ends. Events also include an annual summer picnic with food and games. An annual neighborhood clean-up along streets and alleys begins with a breakfast snack. (3)

The neighborhood contains many of the city's most distinctive and historically important homes. The Neighborhood Association's boundaries are exactly the same as the Langworthy Historic District, a nationally recognized historic district. (4) By knowing neighbors, knowledge and expertise in maintaining these homes is easily shared.



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