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LADIES TEMPERANCE LEAGUE OF DUBUQUE. This organization was called the successor of the WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION in Dubuque. Formed on January 29, 1878 the organization had as officers Mrs. G. Johnson, president; Mrs. C. Hetherington, vice-president; and Mrs J. H. Nichoson, secretary and treasurer. The organization was helped financially be D. N. COOLEY, J. L. Guilbert, Mrs. William B. Allison, Mrs. C. H. Eighmey, Mrs. Shankland, C. Ware, and Mrs. Wunderlich. (1)

The League furnished rooms for meetings of the TRIBE OF JONATHAN NO. 1 and met weekly at the building belonging to the YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (Y.M.C.A.) A committee of two ladies was appointed from each church to visit families of the members of the Tribe of Jonathan to look after their immediate needs. At the end of its first year, the League had furnished a reading room for the Tribe of Jonathan with books, the daily newspapers, and copies of Harpers and Scribner's Monthly. The League paid nearly all the expenses of operating and heating the room. On New Year's Day, members of the Union received calls at the reading room from those in need. (2)

The League represented by Mrs. Johnson attended a temperance reform meeting at the DUBUQUE CITY HALL on February 9, 1878. After explaining the work of the organization, she encouraged people to sign the temperance pledge. A new feature of this meeting was those signing the pledge came to the front of the room where they were cheered. (3) The first of the temperance meeting to be held in the churches of Dubuque occurred on February 12, 1878 at the Methodist church. (4) On February 15, 1878 a majority of the 64 members of the League met and unanimously agreed to "devote all their time and talent to personal temperance work" and recommended holding meetings until every family in Dubuque was "awakened to the cause." (5)



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