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An employee shapes finished gloves with steam. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
L. & N. SPECIALTIES. In 1950 the Dubuque branch of this Chicago glove, toilet container, and purse manufacturer opened with seventy employees. The business had been organized in 1946 for manufacturing gloves for the military. The Dubuque branch was established when the company could not keep up with needed civilian production. The company was located on the second floor of a building at the northwest corner of Second and Main, although plans for growth called for more than 125 employees by the end of the year. The manager of the Dubuque operation was the only employee not hired in Dubuque. He was assigned by the Chicago office. (1)

The only products at the Dubuque plant as it opened were mens' and ladies' leather gloves. Within a short time, however, the other items manufactured by the company were also to be manufactured here. One of the company's major products was a leather driving glove of chamois-like material made from the imported hides of the Peggary hog, an animal native to South America. The entire production from Dubuque would be sold to the retail trade through Chicago agents. (2)



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