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KRIEG, Kathryn "Katie"

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KRIEG, Kathryn "Katie" (Long Beach, CA-). Krieg was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission in 1978 and served until 1981. She was the second woman to serve in this capacity. In 1986 Krieg was elected to the Dubuque City Council with nearly 75 percent of the vote in a write-in campaign. It was during this term on the council that she strongly criticized the state's plan to increase the sales tax. She claimed the state had given cities the means to tax themselves and then had diluted it. (1) She served until 1988. Krieg regained the First Ward seat in November 1990 when the council appointed her unanimously to fill a vacancy created when Jim Heckmann resigned. (2)

In 1987 Krieg was elected to the Executive Board of the Iowa League of Municipalities. She was also chosen to serve on the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee for the National League of Cities. Krieg had served six years on the board of HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES when she became board president in 1991. She was also a member of the DUBUQUE RACING ASSOCIATION, Operation New View, Convention and Tourism Bureau and held the presidency of the Dubuque League of Women Voters. In 2003 she was serving as president of DUBUQUE INITIATIVES. (3)



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