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KELLY'S BLUFF. Hill located behind ST. RAPHAEL'S CATHEDRAL and above 2nd Street. The area was named for the mysterious miner, Thomas KELLY who may have buried a fortune in gold on the site.

Many people did search the area. In 1900 two boys herding cattle on the bluff discovered a small iron chest. Taking the box to Elizabeth Kelly, a sister of Thomas Kelly, the three broke the lock and found $10,000 in ten and twenty dollar gold coins. Earlier a boy had discovered $1,200 in gold coins in a tin can while a man had found $1,800 in another tin can.

A story in the late 1990s said that an employee of the JOHN DEERE DUBUQUE WORKS made a large find but did not tell others. Over the years, according to the story, he sold off the coins he found. This story, however, has never been proven.



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