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KEGLER CANCER CLINIC. The successor to a sanitarium called DR. KEGLER AND COMPANY that Kegler and G. A. Schenhowitz had established on 8th and Washington STREETS, the clinic incorporators filed letters of incorporation in Dubuque on January 6, 1905. The capital stock of the company, named for "Dr." Christian Mathias KEGLER, was $30,000 and its stated objective was to acquire and carry on a business of treating cancer patients. (1) The firm leased the HAM HOUSE in 1905 to serve as a sanitarium.

Incorporators included G. A. Schenkowitz, G. W. Fowler, Robert HAY, John J. ROSHEK, F. C. Kegler, J. M. Glover, and John Homan. The board of directors included G. W. Fowler, G. A. Schenkowitz, J. J. Roshek, J. M. Glover, Christopher H. BERG, and C. W. Walton. (2)

Sarah Ham, in need of money at the time, later claimed to have been drugged at the time of signing the lease agreement. As part of that agreement, Sarah in 1906 was able to remain in the same rooms she had occupied when her parents were alive. The failure of the Clinic led to financial losses for many Dubuque residents.



1. "Cancer Cure Company Incorporated Friday," Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, January 6, 1905, p. 3