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KARBERG, Peter Kiesel

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In 1914 Karberg and Frederick E. BISSELL received a patent for this "combination sleeping-robe." (5)
KARBERG, Peter Kiesel. (Lincoln, NB, Nov. 21, 1882--Rochester, MN, Feb. 25. 1950). Karberg, son of Peter KARBERG, began employment with the H. B. GLOVER COMPANY. in 1900. He held several positions including assistant to A. J. Parker, the company president. When Parker retired in 1918, Karberg assumed the management of the production facilities. In 1931 he became the company vice-president. (1)

Karberg served as president of the International Association of Garment Manufacturers in 1929 and was a director of the Central West Manufacturing Association in 1940. (2)

Locally Karberg served on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and played an important role in civilian committees handling problems on the homefront during WORLD WAR II. He served as the first chairperson of the first committee created by the Playground Recreation Commission. He was a founder and member of the first board of directors of the Community Chest, served as the organization president in 1934, and was active in 19 of the organization's first 22 fundraising campaigns. (3)

Karberg was especially interested in the welfare of under-privileged children. He was associated almost from the beginning with the organization of the DUBUQUE BOYS' CLUB. In 1947 he was honored by the Boys’ Club Federation of America with its meritorious service award in recognition of his forty years of service. (4)




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