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KALHORN, Carolyn

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KALHORN, Carolyn. (Dubuque, IA- ). Growing up in Dubuque, Kalhorn gave her first solo recital at the age of seven. While a student for eleven years of Doris Preucil of the Preucil School of Music in Iowa City, Kalhorn was a featured soloist with the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony and the Des Moines Symphony.

Kalhorn studied with Jascha Brodsky of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Dorothy Delay at the Aspen Music Festival and David Cerone of the Encore School of Strings. In 1991 Kalhorn, an undergraduate majoring in history at Yale University, was a student of Syoko Aki.

Kalhorn won the William Waite Concerto Competition and the 1991 Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Auditions. A recipient of the Yale Richter Fellowship, she studied during the summer of 1991 at the Pacific Music Festival in Japan and the Sarasota Music Festival. She appeared as a soloist with the Bradford Chamber Orchestra and the Yale Symphony Orchestra.

In 2018 she was associated with the Opera National de Paris.