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JULIEN DUBUQUE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. On April 20, 2012 film enthusiasts gathered for Dubuque's first Julien Dubuque International Film Festival in the HOTEL JULIEN DUBUQUE. The event was organized by Chris Kulotitz and Michael Coty.

Jim Barefoot, production manager for Mediacom, announced plans to take a professional class in film commissioning that would allow Dubuque to apply for membership in the Association of Film Commissioners International. Barefoot said he was consulting on the project. (1)

Brad Parks, president of the film festival board, said an attorney was filing papers to incorporate Cinema Exploration, which would attempt to raise $1 million for Iowa cinema and include a national group of media experts.

Held from April 20-22, 2012, the first film festival featured seventy films from shorts to feature length, comedies, dramas and documentaries. Filmmakers in attendance came from as far away as Israel and Australia. The awards, designed by Dubuque sculptor Gene Tully, were made of glass, aluminum and wood, with clear quills reminiscent of a filmmaker's lens. Veteran actress of MOTION PICTURES and television Kate MULGREW received the festival's Pioneer Award. (2)

In 2015 the estimated attendance at the festival was 3,000. (3)

In April 2016 more than 600 submissions were received with 120 films screened at different sites around Dubuque. Filmmakers came from across the United States, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. (4) The economic impact of the four days was estimated between a quarter-and a half-million dollars and the event was named one of MovieMaker Magazine's 25 "coolest" film festivals worth the admission fee. (5)

In 2017 the organization's executive director, Susan Gorrell, received the Individual Impact 365INK award. (6) More than $40,000 was awarded to the best films during the awards show. (7)



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