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"Julien's Journal 1976-2006," '''Julien's Journal''', February 2006, p. 24-25
"Julien's Journal 1976-2006," '''Julien's Journal''', February 2006, p. 24-25
The 1985 ''Dubuque City Directory'' listed 1250 Iowa.
The 1985 '''Dubuque City Directory''' listed 1250 Iowa.
The 1987 ''Dubuque City Directory'' listed 711 Cycare Plaza.
The 1987 '''Dubuque City Directory''' listed 711 [[CYCARE PLAZA]].
The 1989 ''Dubuque City Directory'' listed 250 Cycare Plaza.
The 1989 '''Dubuque City Directory''' listed 250 Cycare Plaza.
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[[Category: Publisher]]
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JULIEN'S JOURNAL. Julien's Journal, originally operated from a building on Central, debuted in February 1976, with a limited, free circulation to five thousand carefully chosen homes. The initial sixteen-page publication more than doubled in size but retained its focus on news about Dubuque and its heritage. Edited and published by Marie UDULUTCH and her mother, Florence Devaney-Schwartz, the magazine was available through subscription or on local newsstands. (1) In 1976 Julien's Journal received an award from the Iowa Arts Council for its coverage of the arts.

The original magazine had sixteen pages of text with covers featuring the work of local artists. By February, 2006 this had grown to 112 pages. Full-page photographs began in 1977 with the first full-color cover appearing in August, 1996. Themes for the content that month were often matched by the cover. (2)

In 1992 Robert LeMay purchased the magazine from Udulutch. LeMay, owner of Northeast Iowa Publishers, Inc., at the time owned the Dyersville Commercial, Cascade Pioneer-Press, Marquette/McGregor newspapers, and had a part interest in a printing press in Guttenberg. He was able to print the magazine on good quality but less expensive paper in Guttenberg. Layout, typesetting, darkroom and other production was done in Dyersville by his in-house staff. LeMay decided to sell the Journal to David Wm. RUSK in February 1994.

In 2008 Julien’s Journal was published by J.D. Communications, Inc. owned by Rusk. The magazine continued to be a monthly publication featuring entertaining and informative areas promoting the Dubuque area, its institutions, and its people. The readership was conservatively estimated at 40,000 monthly including paid subscriptions and vendor sales.

In 2010 David Wm. Rusk died. The Rusk family, former publishers of the Julien's Journal announced the transition of ownership to Gina Siegert, the assistant publisher and creative director of the magazine.

Siegert was a graduate of Iowa State University and had more than twenty-five years of publishing experience in Chicago, Minneapolis and western Wisconsin.

Julien's Journal was scheduled to celebrate its 35th anniversary in February 2011.



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"Julien's Journal 1976-2006," Julien's Journal, February 2006, p. 24-25

The 1985 Dubuque City Directory listed 1250 Iowa.

The 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed 711 CYCARE PLAZA.

The 1989 Dubuque City Directory listed 250 Cycare Plaza.