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Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
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JOHN ELLWANGER COMPANY. The John Ellwanger Company, the firm succeeding BRADY, ELLWANGER & CO. was incorporated in 1899. By that time, representatives of the company were reaching Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota. The firm handled whiskies, brandies, wines, and liquors both imported and domestic.

In 1911 the company advertised its newly equipped bottling department. Located at 398 Main Street at the corner of Fourth Street, the company sold only to the trade with nothing being offered the individual customer. The annual sales included 3,500 barrels of whiskey; 2,000 barrels of wine, and 200 barrels of brandy. The company also sold over 5,000 boxes of empty flasks for local bottling.

Ellwanger continued to operate his business until January 1, 1916 and the start of statewide PROHIBITION.

The 1899-1900 through 1911-12 Dubuque City Directory listed 398 Main.



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Letterhead: Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
Photo courtesy: Diane Harris