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JAZZ. Considered the only musical art form to have begun in America and usually associated with New Orleans, Louisiana. Dubuque as recently as 1987 had two Dixieland jazz bands-the Dukes of Dubuque and the Dixieland All-Stars.

The Dixieland All-Stars, Dubuque's longest playing jazz band, formed in 1975 and played Sunday nights in the Dubuque Holiday Inn lounge. Members of the group included Larry Busch, music director and trumpeter; Dick Spautz, band leader and drummer; Harley Grant, clarinetist; Dave Richter, bass; Marty Busch, trombone; and Al Schmidt, piano. The All-Stars' brand of jazz was described as Chicago-style with piano and string bass in place of the tuba and banjo.

The Dukes of Dubuque featured arrangements from the 1940s and 1950s belonging to Mark Gavin, an East Dubuque Dixieland bandleader. Formed in January 1987, the Dukes members were Paul HEMMER, pianist; F. Hunter FUERSTE, trombonist who also toured with the Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians in the 1970s; Randy Schneeberger, trumpet and cornet; Roland Anfinson, clarinetist; Keith Marugg, drummer; and Dick Kriz, bass.