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JAMES, Jesse Woodson

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Jesse James
JAMES, Jesse Woodson. (Clay County, MO, 1847--MO, Apr., 1882). The outlaw band led by Jesse James rode through Dubuque in August 1876, on their way north. Riding with James was his brother Frank, Bill Chadwell, Clell Miller, Charlie Pitts, and the three Younger brothers. The gang stayed one evening at Sherrill's Mound in a hotel. The owner, Peter Fries, reported that they were polite and tipped well. The gang left in the morning just ahead of a posse from Dubuque.

The gang's attempted robbery of a bank in Northfield, Minnesota, on September 7,1876, was a total failure as no money was taken. Chadwell and Miller were killed. The Youngers were soon captured by Minnesota law enforcement officials. The James brothers were able to escape to safety in Missouri.



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