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R. W. Johnson 1942 and 1943
R. W. Johnson 1942 and 1943

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IOWA STATE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION / IOWA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. Organizations that have furthered the interests of educators in Iowa. Dubuque residents have held many offices in these organizations.


W. J. SHOUP 1879

Harry B. SMITH 1915

Esther Helbig 1929

R. W. Johnson 1943

Ken TILP 1986


Jerome Allen 1856

Charles G. KRETSCHMER 1865

William H. Beach 1869

Charles G. Kretschmer 1871

James H. HARRIS 1921

Fred G. STEVENSON 1924

Otis P. FLOWER 1925

Alma Helbig 1932

Earl D. CLINE 1934

R. W. Johnson 1942 and 1943


Samuel Newberry 1854-1855