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IIW ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS. IIW (Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin) providing professional civil, structural & architectural engineering and surveying services was incorporated in February 1982 with a staff of five including Carl B. Schoenhard, Jr., President and Dennis F. Waugh, Vice-President. By 1988 the firm had grown to employ twenty-seven people.

In 1988 the principal office was at 3210 St. Joseph Drive, Dubuque. A second office was located at 2 Prince Street in Guttenberg, Iowa. IIW acquired the former Bartels & Byrne Engineering and Surveying firm providing them with a library of engineering and surveying records back to the time J. C. Scott was surveying MINING claims in 1849.

In 1999 the firm became employee-owned. The office in Dubuque in 2010 was located at 4155 Pennsylvania Avenue.