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HYDRANT PAINTING. Special activity of Dubuque's celebration of the Bicentennial. The top winners of the contest, promoted in 1975 by the Dubuque Beautification Committee and the Dubuque Bicentennial Commission included the James Williamson family-Betsy Ross on Bennett and Algona (1776-1826 category), Paula Puls-soldier figure at Asbury and Mullin (1826-1876 category), Lori and Elaine Kueper-farm girl (1876--1926 category), Betty Schrobilgen and Carol Trowbridge-Wizard of Oz Scarecrow in front of the water tower on West Third (1926-1976 category), and Kathy McElihiney-John Deere workers on South gate (Dubuque history category).

Each of these contestants won twenty-five dollars. More than three thousand Dubuque residents participated and painted 1,205 of the 1,601 fire hydrants in the city. Pittsburg Paints distributed 3,700 one-half pints of paint worth an estimated $5,000.