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HOULIHAN, Dennis. (Harper's Ferry, IA- ). Investment counselor. Houlihan served in local political leadership positions and chaired the Airport Commission. Coming to Dubuque in 1968 to attend LORAS COLLEGE, he served as senior class vice president and later earned a master's degree from the University of Iowa in public administration and government.

District administrator for Congressman Michael BLOUIN in 1978, Houlihan served as the Dubuque County chairman of the Democratic Party in 1980 and began the extremely popular LEGISLATIVE DAYS during the 1980s with Gene KENNEDY. He was chair of the Airport Commission during the AIRPORT remodeling program and co-chaired with William FUERSTE the Gold Dome Committee that spearheaded the gold-plating of the dome on the DUBUQUE COUNTY COURTHOUSE.

Among those the TELEGRAPH HERALD has listed as being the most influential in the community, Houlihan served on the advisory committee on marketing strategy to Loras College. He was the author of the book Equal Employment Opportunity Law: What the Employer Needs to Know. Houlihan served two years as the branch manager in Dubuque of Shearson Loeb Rhoades. He was later named the branch manager of A.G. Edwards.