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Photo courtesy: Ken Tully

HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC SCHOOL. On December 5, 1910, eighty-three students of SACRED HEART SCHOOL transferred to the new Holy Trinity School. Classes were held on the first and second floor at the rear of the combination church school building.

A fourth class was opened in 1911 for grades three and four. In 1918 a fifth classroom for kindergarten and first grade was added. The kindergarten was eventually moved to the church basement. Crowded conditions and ever-increasing enrollments led to the construction of the present school in 1929. Until 1937 an all-Sister facility existed at Holy Trinity. In that year, Miss Magdalen Krantz became the demonstration and supervising teacher for students of the Mount St. Francis Elementary Teacher Education Department.

Increased enrollment led to three basement recreation rooms being remodeled for classrooms. The kindergarten was forced to close in 1957.

One of fifteen parishes served by WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Holy Trinity financed 7.1 percent or $250,000 of the total building cost of the inter-parochial high school. Between 1937 and 1961, Holy Trinity was a laboratory school affiliated with the Elementary Education Department of Mount St. Francis. The SISTERS OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (PBVM), until their affiliation with CLARKE COLLEGE, also used this school for its prospective elementary grade teachers. In 1963 Holy Trinity was chosen to participate in the nationwide Carnegie Study of Catholic Schools of the United States.