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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
HOFFMANN-SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOMES AND CREMATION SERVICE. The business has the distinction of being Iowa’s oldest continually operating funeral home. The business was begun in 1846 by Mathias M. HOFFMANN, Sr. at 15th and Couler (now Central Avenue). Hoffman operated the business until 1878, when he turned it over to his son, Mathias M. Hoffman II. The younger Mathias continued the family business, followed by his son, Alois HOFFMANN.

In 1939 Alois relocated the business to 1640 Main Street into what was known as the Lacy Mansion.

Jim and Sharon Schneider purchased the funeral home in 1985. Jim Schneider had been an employee of the mortuary while attending LORAS COLLEGE. He had previously purchased his own funeral home in Manitowoc, Wisconsin called Park Side Funeral Home. When the Hoffmann Home came up for sale, he sold the other funeral home and purchased the one in Dubuque. In 2009 a second location, Hoffmann Schneider Kitchen Funeral Home, was in operation at 3860 Asbury Road.

In 2019 the announcement was made that the funeral home had been sold to Emmaus International, a nonprofit that produces religious publications. Emmaus International was established in 1942 as the correspondence department of Emmaus Bible College. Officials decided in 2002 to create a separate nonprofit organization with its own board and management. The organization renting space at the EMMAUS BIBLE COLLEGE campus.



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