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HINDS, Franklin

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HINDS, Franklin. (Arlington, VT--Dubuque, IA, May 27, 1885). After working on the Oswego branch of the Erie Canal, Hinds worked for a time in central New York state and married in 1843. He and his wife then moved to Michigan before settling in Dubuque in 1855.

Hinds was involved in the hardware business with the firm of WESTPHAL AND HINDS beginning in 1857. He was also involved in the commission and forwarding business and in 1860 was elected a director of the Dunleith & Minnesota Packet Company. (1) In April 1864 he was chosen to serve on a committee of seven to make arrangements for a ship canal convention to be held in Dubuque in May. (2) In 1863 Hinds was one of the founders of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DUBUQUE and served as its president until March, 1867 when the National State Bank consolidated with First National. He then served as the bank's vice-president for many years and was always a member of the board of directors. (3)

Outside of business, Hinds was very active in the community. He was an early organizer of the public school system in Dubuque. One of the first members of the board of education, he remained on the board fifteen years before illness forced his retirement. (4) He was a member of the city council in 1859. In that role, he and the entire board were severely criticized by the editors of the Express and Herald for involving the city in paying the debts of the CENTRAL ISLAND IMPROVEMENT COMPANY. (5) In 1865 he was appointed to a committee on finance for the reception of General U.S. Grant to Dubuque. (6) Hinds was chosen as a delegate to the Republican Convention of 1872 which was held in Cincinnati. (7) He served on a committee of five in 1875 to draft a constitution and by-laws for the organization of a board of trade. (8)



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