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HElD, Mary Corita (Sister)

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HElD, Mary Corita (Sister). (Pocahantas, IA, May 25, 1937- ). Administrator, MERCY HEALTH CENTER. Upon coming to Dubuque in 1974, Heid assisted in having Mercy designated the Northwest Illinois Trauma Center and saw that a cardiac catheterization laboratory, programs in neuro-surgery and open-heart surgery were established.

The controversial merger with the Dyersville Hospital had just been completed when the Sisters of Saint Francis inquired about consolidation of XAVIER HOSPITAL and Mercy. A letter of intent to merge was signed within three months.

Sister Heid served as chairwoman of the board of the reorganized Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation for four years, past-chairwoman of the Governing Council of Multi-Hospital Constituencies for the American Hospital Association, and was a member of the board of directors of Blue Cross of Iowa. In 1986 Sister Heid was named president of the Sister of Mercy Health Corporation. Replacing her at the Mercy Health Center was Sister Helen HUEWE,OSF.