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HERCULES MINING COMPANY. The 1918 Dubuque and East Dubuque City Directory listed 261 8th.

The Hercules Mining Company, Limited was an Idaho corporation. The Hercules Mine, a zinc, silver, and lead mine, was located in Shoshone County, Idaho. By 1911 the mine became one of the third richest mines in Idaho; by 1916 it was the most profitable mine. In 1917 it paid out $3,800,000 in dividends alone. (1) The company's filing status was listed as forfeited December 1, 1922 and its File Number is C11354. (2)

In 1923 a fire caused, it was suspected, by a spark from a locomotive, one thousand people were left homeless in the small towns of Burke and Mace, Idaho when a fire swept through nearly a mile and a half of homes, stores and mining works. The loss was estimated at $1.5 million. The Hecla surface works owned by the Hercules Mining Company were totally destroyed although the plant was saved. (3)


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