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Hawthorne Pool c. 1960 Photo courtesy: Carol Pfeiler
HAWTHORNE STREET POOL. The Hawthorne Street Pool was a controversial issue in Dubuque prior to its construction. The swimming pool was to be constructed with Public Works Administration (PWA) money and $5,000 in local donations near EAGLE POINT PARK. City and federal officials had agreed upon the site.

The first site proposed for the pool had been the southern portion of RAFFERTY SLOUGH. This was rejected by the planning and zoning commission. The next site had been adjacent to Grandview Park. This would have required the city to purchase property which was not acceptable to the park board. A third site had been Comiskey Park. This idea generated so much protest it was quickly dropped. The northern end of Rafferty Park was then proposed only to be rejected by the planning and zoning commission. At this point the Eagle Point site was investigated and approved.

On April 13, 1936, however, the city council received a petition again asking that the construction be moved to Rafferty Slough at the south end of Dubuque. Proponents of the EAGLE POINT site, the planning and zoning commission, and Chamber of Commerce all argued that Rafferty Slough was the only remaining industrial site in the community and should be kept for that purpose.

In response to the petition, supporters of the Eagle Point site circulated their own petitions in the community urging the city council to move quickly on the construction project at Eagle Point.

The pool was constructed during the GREAT DEPRESSION and served the city for many years. It was replaced in the 1990s by the Nicholas J. Sutton Municipal Pool.



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