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Photo courtesy: Mike Larkin
Cemetery marker in Linwood Cemetery
HAUDENSHIELD, Jacob. (Dubuque, IA, Aug. 14, 1858--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 3, 1911). On an evening in 1889, Haudenshield was shot in the back during a robbery. Three thieves believed the bag he was carrying contained his day's receipts. As they ran, he picked himself up, climbed back onto his wagon, the drove his team to the DUBUQUE COUNTY COURTHOUSE where he reported the robbery to the Sheriff Thomas Phillips. It was then that he visited a doctor to have the bullet removed. The outlaws who robbed Haudenshield were captured and sent to prison. Haudenshield had a watch fob made of the bullet and wore it daily. Nearly eight years later, one of the men was released on "good time" and returned to see Haudenshield and apologize. He asked for and received a handout of five dollars. The man was later returned to prison for a streetcar robbery in Waterloo, Iowa.

Haudenshield was elected to a two-year term as county sheriff after he defeated Phillips. He served from January 1, 1898 until December 31, 1899 when he was succeeded by Thomas J. CONLIN.

Haudenshield returned to operating the KEY CITY LIVERY CO. which he had also owned while he was sheriff. Among the stock in his stable were Nutwood and Aldine, both direct descendants of the famed race horse, NUTWOOD.

Haudenshield defeated John H. WEIMER, the incumbent county auditor, in 1904 and took over the office on January 1, 1905. He served only one term before being defeated by Democrat Theodore SCHARLE. Haudenshield left the office on December 31, 1906 and ran against Scharle again in 1908, but was never again elected to a major county office. Haudenshield was the last Republican to hold the position as of 1994.



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