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HARDIE, Jeanne

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Jeanne Hardie, the first woman inducted into the United States military from Dubuque.
HARDIE, Jeanne. (Dubuque, IA-- ). During the summer of 1942 during WORLD WAR II, Jeanne became interested in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and her enlistment papers were filed long before the first unit began training. In August, 1942 it was announced in the Telegraph-Herald that she qualified as a candidate for officers' training and would report to Fort Des Moines on September 14. (1) She served as an instructor in the WAC Administrative School and later in the Officer Candidate School. (2)

Hardee was prominent in civic, philanthropic, and church business for years. A qualified Red Cross first aid instructor, she devoted many hours training others and helped hundred of Dubuque County adults earn their standard certificates. At the beginning of the war, she was associated with the Red Cross OCD first aid instructional staff. She volunteered and served as a member of the OCD staff corps, assisted when war rationing certificates were issued, and served as a volunteer Minute Man in the house-to-house War Bond pledge campaign. (3)

Beginning in 1939 she headed the dramatic arts department of the DUBUQUE WOMEN'S CLUB. She was later a member of the Junior Auxiliary of the DUBUQUE VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION and was active with ST. LUKE'S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, the Community Chest, and the Girl Scouts in which she was a leader. She was the secretary of FINLEY HOSPITAL (THE) campaign for funds and was active in the Dubuque Civic Music Association. (4) In 1949 she was a leader of the League of Women Voters. (5)

In 1952 the WAACs and Mr. Wayne (Jeanne Hardie) Bush were marking the tenth anniversary of the WAACs getting started. (6)



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