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2018 view of the company at E. 19th and Pine.
1928 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

H. MAGDAL COMPANY. In operation from around 1891, the nature of the business seems to evolved according to advertisements from being a junk dealer to a focus on being a supplier of furs.

Articles of incorporation of the company were filed with the Dubuque County recorder in 1933. The firm was incorporated for $40,000 to purchase and sell hides, fats, junk, greases, tallow, and wool. Officers of the company included Abe Magdal, president; Leo Magdal, vice-president; and Max Magdal, secretary/treasurer. (1)

The 1934 and 1939 Dubuque City Directory listed 525 E. 19th.

The decision that the company would be dissolved was made on March 31, 1941. (2)



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