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Greek Revival Architecture
GREEK REVIVAL ARCHITECTURE. This building style became so popular in the United States between 1820 and 1860 that it was criticized for its repetition. Often rectangular in shape, Greek Revival buildings were also built in a square plan.

Characteristics of the style included wall surfaces as smooth as the building material would allow and flat or slightly slanted roofs. Columns were often fluted, but architects occasionally substituted square shapes still capped with the classic Greek capitals.

Greek Revival buildings in the Midwest were not as pure in form as those found along the Atlantic coast. Some structures were elaborate mansions with magnificent columns standing along the portico while others were simple buildings with only the slightest hint of Greek design.

Interest in Greek Revival architecture had weakened nationally by the time it reached Dubuque. Several examples of the style were built during the 1850s while others were not constructed until after the CIVIL WAR. Greek Revival was gradually replaced by the mid-nineteenth century with the development of GOTHIC REVIVAL ARCHITECTURE.



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